Use your pink salt hangover cure and get on with your day, less the headaches and lack of energy.  A pink salt hang over cure is simply the Sole solution, downed with plenty of water. The minerals and water will get to work in helping your body eliminate the toxins and re-hydrate your cells, which is one of the main reasons you feel so awful.

pink salt hangover

Simple to make – using your Himalayan pink salt, added to water, you can also add a squeeze of lemon. Admittedly it may not taste to wonderful, especially on your delicate stomach, so have a large glass of water with your lemon ready to wash it all down with.  Within 5 minutes you will already feel perkier and your head should start to calm down too.  If you are clever, you will do this before you hit the pillow, rather than wait til the morning after, but either way, your pink salt hangover cure will help significantly.

It is important to note that you should NOT do this with normal table, refined salt.  Only Himalayan Pink Salt.

One of the many reasons you should have your pre-made  large Jar of ‘ongoing Sole’ using our Pink Rock Salt Chunks. Keep in the kitchen and take a teaspoon in the morning downed with a good glass of water. Pour a small amount into your cooking water when boiling pasta and rice.  Not only are you making huge health benefits to your body, but it looks great as an ornamental piece on your counter-tops.

pink salt solution

It’s inexpensive and highly effective in giving you an energy boost if you have over-done it the night before, and a great alternative to popping pills and generally having a day of no-energy and misery! The pink salt hang over cure is the quickest way to recovery and ending the suffering of ‘The Day After’!

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