Why buy Australian Pepper?

When you buy a simple product from the Supermarket, such as Salt and Pepper, I doubt you think much about where it comes from, and what is in it? It’s just Salt. Just pepper? Isn’t it? Well in fact there is only one Australian Pepper farm and that is in North Queensland.  When you buy general pepper in the Supermarkets, it has likely come from an Asian destination and in order to bring it into Australia, it would have been been microwaved, steam cleaned, irradiated and fumigated. These are basic requirements by the customs department to ensure there are no bugs or microbes seeping in to our country via products brought in from these countries.

There is no sell-by date, so the peppercorns your are grinding over your food could have been picked anytime – even years ago!  When you buy Australian Pepper, you are buying fresh pepper and the difference is noticeable the second you open the bag.  Australian Pepper is very aromatic, sharp and delectable, yet not overpowering, although I personally use less in my cooking as I find fresh Australian pepper goes farther than the general range I have been used to in the past.

Black Peppercorns, freshly grounded in your grinder always gives off a superb aromatic flavour as it floats over whatever dish you are cooking, but there are also pepper granules and fine pepper powder for those who have master skills in the kitchen and like to really ‘work’ their seasoning! Think about fine pepper and granular pepper for your salad dressings and delicate sauces such as Bechamel and creamy dressings if you want the flavour without black flecks throughout your sauce.

It’s incredible that few dishes ever served are not seasoned – with salt and pepper – yet few people take note to buy quality seasoning such as Australian Pepper and Himalayan Salt for everyday use. It is by far superior to the standard white salt and low quality pepper available in supermarkets, so switch to Australian Pepper and Himalayan salt for your every-day seasoning and taste the difference.

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